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The Alternative chart at Music World Radio is presented live on air every Friday night - a guarantee for airplay to every track that makes it to the Top20. A wide selection of nominations are equally given a spin on air during the chart show - and over the week by all the MWR DJs.

No genre is left out of the MWR Alternative Top20. If the listeners want dance, techno, death metal, punk or indie rock - that's what they're gonna get - and if they change their mind and jump on the europop train, so does the chart. The listeners have all the power to nominate and vote!

If you have an appetite for more music rants, alternative charts, album reviews, news from Club Impulse: Second Life and a wide variety of other music related randomness drop past the gossip blog and leave your comments.

Its all about the music !

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1. Byron Love - Trouble Leave Me Be (South Africa)
2. Lee Negin - Moshi, Moshi (South Korea)
3. Menowin - Round'N'Round (Germany)
4. Rolin Humes - Pa Ti Ri Ri Ri (Croatia)
5. Todd Dillingham - Paintings (USA)
6. Said TGV - Eou3a Tfakar (Algeria)
7. The PrahJektz - Don't Tell (USA)
8. Blackdoghat - Screeching Blues (UK)
9. Maini Sorri - Let Me Do Your Time (Sweden)
10. Paige Michael - Afraid (Canada)
11. BetaRob - My Friend & Me (UK)
12. The Fry Up - It's Mine (Japan & Portugal)
13. ATR - Never Know (USA)
14. Naked Lunch - Alone (UK)
15. Andy Hearn - Looking For Your Smile (UK)
16. Tuesday Club - Ain't Got No Class (UK)
17. Shiny Darkness - Mother (France/UK)
18. Rose Redd - Perfectly Useless (UK)
19. Dirk Maassen - Luna (Germany)
20. Brick Fields - Shambhala (USA)
Ann Scott - Hoola (Ireland)
Common Tongues - Beasts (UK)
Muscle Mouth - Leather Shoes (USA)
Special Request (Featuring Rey T) - Get Sexual (USA)
Goddakk - The Wait (USA)
Jennifer Stuart - Going Back (USA)
Idris Davies - Home (UK)
Hop Box - Hubble (USA)
Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal (Nosaj Thing remix) (UK)
Jonny Cooke - Fallen Apart (Ireland)
Viapo - Laysayer (Greece)
La Lisa Magdeleno - Let Go (USA)

The weekly MWR top choon charts is purely based on listener votes. Equally, everyone may nominate tracks for a shot as "Bubbly Upcomers" in coming weeks.

Preference is given to recent releases/recordings, but any and all nominations are considered. The track does not need to be released on a major - or indeed any - label to be considered.

The secret DJ junta selects the most interesting nominations each week regardless of their origin or popularity elsewhere

Click here to Nominate

Votes are only counted once. Attempting multiple votes will only wear out your mouse.

Voting and Nominations for the weeks chart close at midnight UK time between Thursday and Friday. Nominations delivered after that will be considered for next weeks chart. Voting re-opens after the announcement of the #1 track durring the chart show.

We are non-profit but it does take a little something and a lot of time to keep things going for you each and every week, Why not buy us a drink? Hit the shiny yellow Pay-Pal button on our main site: CHEERS to You!


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